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Leader Academy

Q: What was the memorable thing from Leader Academy?

“I am prohibited to use any footwear. Or you may say see I’m always barefoot.”

I was so shocked when Nara told me like that. I thought like “how could be using a footwear is being a prohibition, especially for a speaker like Nara who attend many formal events like conference, workshop and seminar.” He must be kidding me. At first, I thought that it was only Nara’s white lie like a politician’s promise in a campaign period. But then Nara proved me that he was always barefoot anytime and anywhere.

Leader Academy was being one of the most awesome activities along my life cause this program was unlike any other program which required all participants always in formal appearance. I could see various kind of suit that used by many participants here along the formal agenda, like casual jacket, casual shirt, or even T-shirt. Some people wore shoes when others could freely wear sandals or even barefoot. And also, I could use any hat or skull cap inside the room. No one protested each other suit. It was so cool, wasn’t it?

I brought all my formal shirts (which was just two) because Agustina told me to take it. When I got here, I just known that this program was totally different. I jumped in joy with a big smile in my lips when heard that truth. Did you know why? Cause I did not like to use formal shirt and also formal shoes.


Q: What did you feel during the activity?

Leader Academy was a workshop for leader from various country that held to succeed World Clean Up Day 2018. There were some mentors and ambassadors who participated Leader Academy from Slovenia, Germany, South Africa, Switzerland, Kosovo, Romania, England, Albania, Sweden, Estonia, and United States. I couldn’t imagine how many lessons I would get from those speakers.

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I wouldn’t miss this big opportunity because there are so many new knowledges for me and it was interesting. When I felt sleepy, I would wash my face in bathroom. In other times, I would ask Liyana to pinch my hand so I would stay awake.

However, I was only a beginner whom sent to represent Indonesia. There was lot of new lessons that seemed too difficult for me to learn. But, it was all worth it and interesting for me. I was like a person who wants to throw up, but there’s still plenty of good food left to eat.

In the end, I swallowed all the material. Of course, I also did not vomit because the speakers presented the lesson in very understandable language.


Q: Was there someone very special and inspired you a lot during Leader Academy?

It was such a difficult question for me. Everyone who followed Leader Academy, including participants, mentors, ambassadors, and committees were special people to me because they inspired me much. However, there was one person who specifically special and gave me the most inspiration.


Leader Academy

His name was Roman Peter. He was from Switzerland. Agustina told me to do a lot of interaction with Roman because Roman was the mentor of Let’s Do It Indonesia. Before I followed Agustina’s command, Roman did it first. He asked many questions about me, also about Let’s Do It Indonesia. In every little chance, he tried to discuss with me like especially when coaching session. He approached me to join the discussion with him.

There were so many stories from Peter which inspired me. Peter was a man who undoubtedly had a sincere heart and high social interest by active in any volunteering project. He spent so much time, money, and energy on Let’s Do It World. And even, his commitment to World Clean Up 2018 reached 11 of the 1-10 points provided. The peak of my admiration on him was when he offered me a certificate on his behalf because I haven’t got it. I refused his offer at first.


It was just a certificate, wasn’t it? It wasn’t a big deal for me. But then I thought it would be a regret if I missed this opportunity. In the end, I got the certificate on its behalf as the requirement I should get a million like for Let’s Do It Indonesia and raised my commitment from 7 to 10. Wished me luck.

Writer : Bayu Rakhmatullah
Editor : Ajeng Puspita

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